Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Don't worry, I didn't run off with Tiger Woods, I'm just horrible at remembering to update my blog...whoops!I think more has happened in the past month than I have room to write about, but for kicks and giggles we'll see how much I can fit in. I'm about a month behind schedule so don't mind if some of this is out of order.

~*~ BEAR LAKE~*~
Last month Me, Ben, Brian,Krystal,Carmen and Kassandra all took off for the weekend to my Grandma's cabin in Bear Lake for a little get away and had a pretty stinkin good time. We all got up there late Friday night but ended up just playing games,eating dinner and watching movies.

Saturday we got up and attempted to head up to the Paris Ice Caves. Attempted being the keyword. We got about halfway up the canyon, but due to the fact that mother nature dumped a load the night before we ended up getting Ben's explorer stuck and just ended up turning back around.-Don't let this picture fool you... I was totally helping push-

On the way back to the cabin, the girls wanted to stop and try out the lottery, and seeming how we had nothing else to do...We all decided to take a chance and try
and win big. Yet again.... Try being the key word.

-products of our EPIC fail-
Sadly Carmen and Kassandra had to head home Saturday afternoon so it ended up just being Brian and Krystal and me and Ben but we still made it fun. We played Imagine If, which got interesting to say the least. Found out WhipCream kisses rock. Made dinner, and then Krystal made deliciousness in a pan, and basically just relaxed, but it was way fun to say the least. I don't think anyone really wanted to go home or the weekend to end.
-whip cream kisses-
-playing imagine if-

-last picture picture before heading home-

Every year me and Dani celebrate our birthdays together by usually going to dinner or getting people together. This year we decided to check out Pirate Island Pizza in Orem with a bunch of our friends and it was so fun! Granted there was a pretty good sized group of us so we didn't get to visit with everyone very well, but after pizza and some arcade games..... we had fun!

-Best Friends.Est 2004 (ps dani I stole your pic)-

-Dani and Alex totally took home the loot of tickets-

-Lea and Hayley bug at dinner...thanks for coming girls!-

-Me and Ben once he finally got there-

~*~ IN THE NEWS~*~
My little sister. Yes. I said little sister announced a few weeks ago that she is getting married this coming January to Austin Soderquist. They meet over the summer, and started dating the end of summer beginning of fall and are perfect for each other!
-congrats kids we love you-

BYU won the "Holy War" this year against University of Utah in overtime. It was EPIC!
-the field after BYU won...woo hoo!-

Last night me and Ben went to the Kbull 93 Low Dough Christmas Show and it was SO much fun! Tickets where only $10 bucks and we figured for Phil Vassar, Bucky Covington and Bomshell that wasn't to bad! Origionally they had us seated in the Wheelchair section but there was a bunch of empty seats down lower so they let us move. All of the artists did awesome, sadly my camera sucks at zooming in so the pictures
-Phil was AMAZING live... I was way impressed!-

-just waiting for the show to start-

So anyways..... that's my life as of lately. Busy Busy Busy!! Have a fabulous holdiay season and don't forget to test out the mistletoe! :)
♥ love ya kids!


Sue said...

Sound like you had a great time!!

*Kelly Dawn* said...

Oh, my gosh. Can't believe your sister is getting married! Tell her congrates from me!