Monday, November 30, 2009

Pet Peeves.

Okay so I've had it brought to my knowledge lately that I have some of the oddest pet peeves.
There are the littlest things that don't phase other people but drive me completely bonkers.

BIGGEST Pet Peeve.
Plastic water/soda lids that you have to twist, and crack apart from the small plastic piece to open. That little piece that breaks off, oh my lanta. Drives me INSANE!!
Texting Peeves.
1- I hate stupid forwards. I'm pretty sure if I forward this text to 10 people an angel isn't going to appear magically and grant me three wishes
2- If you are older than 12 and texing me, don't text me "wat up yo?" or anything even close to being spelled like you're just learning how to spell. You're a grown adult. Use your big kid words and spell correctly! Seriously. text me like a retarded. I'm not replying.
Driving Peeves:
1-Drunk Driver. I don't frankly care if you drink. But if you do, don't drive. Stay the night, call a cab, I don't care. But when you start putting other peoples lives in jeopardy... yeah don't get me started.
2-Slow drivers. Seriously.....Green means GO!!

Random Peeves:

When people continually don't follow through with plans. Yes. I understand if something occasionally comes up, or something comes up last minute. But if every time something is planned, you bail... you're officially on my list.

When at a restaurant and somebody feels the need to be on their cell phone and talk at the top of their lungs so everyone can hear their conversation. Seriously.... go outside and take the call. We don't care about how annoying your mother in law is or how crappy work was. Leave it at the door buddy.

So there's a few random peeves of mine. Just a little vent session.