Friday, May 14, 2010


wow. kinda spaced the fact that I have a blog.

These past few months have been SO busy for me that I have barely had time to think, let alone remember I have a blog! So here's the run down on what's been going on since the last update.

1- Moved out into an apartment down by UVU in Orem. Had a really good time but moved back home for the summer to save some money so I can A) Buy a car and B) go back to school in August! The goal is to start at either UVU or SLCC in August going into Business with focus on Sports Management.

2- I started back as a Massage Therapist working back at Alpine Spinal Rehab with Dr. Clark in Provo. I've LOVED being back and having an awesome clientel. Its VERY busy and high paced with crazy work hours but i've gotta admit, I'm SO greatful to have a job and to be as busy as I have been! It's been busy enough that I get to hire another therapist under me to help out which will be great! :)

3- During the first week of March me and Ben had a chance to go back to Virginia where he served his mission for a few days and it was one of the neatest experiences to see where he had served, the people he had worked with, hearing the stories.... everything!! My sister Emily is serving back there right now so it was neat to see what she's seeing. Sadly though... we didn't see her but mission rules right?! :)

Flying over NYC at sunrise.... epic!

The Youngs.... nicest family!
Virginia Beach...♥ love!

4- If you remotely know me at all, you've probably caught on the the fact that I LOVE .... okay more like I'm a lil obsessed with country music. I've grown up listening to it, go to countless concerts, download to much music, geek out over artists and bands... you name it. On April 1st (yes... april fools) I won tickets to the Montgomery Gentry Country Showdown Tour when it comes to Utah this summer. I was stoked and then they told me I was qualified to win a trip to the Academy of Country Music Awards and to listen the next morning when they drew the winner. I honestly almost didn't listen cause I figured the chances were slim to none but at 7:15 April 2 the DJ goes "If your name is AMANDA HAWKES you have 9 minutes to call in, you just won an all expense paid trip to the ACM AWARDS". Pretty sure both me and Ben lost it about then. We both started screaming and I couldn't compose myself and barely remembered the number to call. But long story short I won the trip the the Academy of Country Music Awards. Holy crap. Dream come true! It was honestly the 4 best days of my life! We got put up for 4 days 3 nights in the MGM GRAND HOTEL, Roundtrip Airfair, Tickets to the ACM AWARDS, After party, Brooks and Dunn : The Last Rodeo concert, the Kenny Chesney 3D Movie... which he came to and tix to the concerts on Freemont Street! It was seriously the biggest dream come true i loved every minute of it!
our awesome hotel!!
heading out to the strip!!
Front row for Luke Bryan Concert on Freemont Street!
Ran into Justin Moore on the way back from the pool! (Backwoods.Smalltown USA)
All dressed up for the ACM awards... incredible night!
J.D Haas our awesome trip host!!

Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan singing "DO I" at the after party!
Eli Young Band at the after party... so good!

James Otto@the after party pretty sure I FLIPPED when he walked out total surprise love him!
I meet James Otto! This man is one of my all time favorite singers and he's pretty freaking hot too. Pretty sure I was total star struck and could barely talk to him!

Kenny Chesney came to introduce his new 3-D movie...kinda cool!
I dragged Ben to Toby Keiths Bar and was closed for the night but o'well! :)
Our last "Bucks" before heading home. We lived on these things in Vegas.... yum! :)
5- My brother Luke graduated from UVU last month and will start med school in August! Congrats Lukie we love you!!

So yup. there's what's been going on over the last few months. Upcoming events : LOTS of Concerts. Bear Lake. Reunions. Oregon Coast for a WEEK with Ben's Family. Camping. BBQ's!!


Marie said...

Yaaay!!! Im so excited that you updated this baby! It looks so freaking cute and I love all the pics. Your the best!

Misti said...

Hi there!! I am so glad I found someone else who has been on the ACM trip. I won my trip on the radio MOnday morning and have been working all week with JD Haas to book everything. Could you contact me via email ? I have some questions and so confused/excited/ahhhhh all in one .