Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009... BOO!!!

I think I celebrated Halloween this year more than any other year.
I'm not usually a huge Halloween buff but for some reason this year I had more to do with it.
The Halloween season started off with a couple haunted houses towards the beginning of the month. I'm a complete wimp when it comes to anything scary but when a cute boy invites you to go to something you naturally say yes and go. And man am I glad I did say yes!! Mine and Ben's first date was The Haunted Forest in American Fork and it was SO much fun!! We kept getting lost and back in the places you're not supposed to be, but it made the night interesting! Ben is a huge "Haunted House buff" so he was all over the chance to go out to Tooele to the Haunted Hospital a few days later. So again naturally when he asked if I wanted to go... I said yes! Both Haunted Forest and Hospital were way good and scary!! I'm not going to lie though I kind of just held on to Ben and let him lead the way... I hid behind him the whole time... bhahaha :)

Okay so this picture wasn't taken at either of the haunted houses but I just really like it for some reason. Trust me to screw up a picture!

Ever since my mom married Dick, "Fred" has been a part of our Halloween Holidays. Fred is a lifesize dummy that sits in front of our house sometimes year-round but usually just around the month of October. Dick will move him every few days, and it's always fun to watch people look for him as they drive by. Sometimes he's on the porch, front lawn, tractor or randomly on the roof. When Luke and Marie got married Luke carried on the tradition for his house. In my opinion Lukes "Fred" is a little more realistic and creepier... I LOVE ♥ it!!

First thing I think of when I hear Halloween is homemade Spudnuts at Grandma Tami's house. Pretty sure I go into a complete sugar coma after leaving her house cause i completely fill up on them! Okay..... so I know alot of you are asking "What the heck is a spudnut?" It's hands down the best doughnut you've ever had. Better than Krispy Kreme! And yes... Spud= potatoes.
I went over and somewhat helped on saturday make them and they where a dream come true.
Some how I didnt end up with one stinkin picture though...ugh!!

I was really lame this year when it came to a costume. I'm not one of those girls that use's Halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut and prance around showing what their mama gave them. I was a little bit more conservative with my costume. My BYU jersey, two black lines on my face and blue sparkly fake eye lashes and called it good.
I went to a couple different random parties with friends and it actually was all pretty fun, plus people had some pretty rockin costumes!!
Mikela and Spencer rockin the witch and vampire style.
Baiey and Chris off the Hillbilly Hook!
I love my lil hillbilly Juanita!
Devin kept freaking everyone out with his mask.... it was epic.
Abby from NCIS and the Firefighter

Pinocchio What do you know... he is a real boy!!!
apparently zombies dont appreciate kisses????

So anyways.
That was Halloween 2009. Nothing to exciting but hey. It made for an update!!!
♥ love you kids!!!!

Q:"Why couldnt the boy ghost get the girl ghost pregnant?"
A: " Because he had a "HALLOW-WEENIE"

bahahaha... that came from my mother of all people!!