Thursday, October 22, 2009

♫♥Framing Hanley Concert♥♫

Tuesday night was yet again another concert night in my books,shocking I know.
Dani introduced me to the group Framing Hanley a little over a year ago, and I fell in love with their music. They're a five piece punk rock group and luckily for us, not very well known yet. We went to their show back in March and had a blast! The venue was packed, and we ended up grabbing front row, chatting with The Veer Union (opening act) after and grabbing pictures with them and a few of the guys from Framing Hanley. So needless to say when we heard that both Framing Hanley and The Veer Union where coming back to Utah and for $10 a ticket, we where stoked!!
I ended up going up to Murray Theater around 4 to wait in line so we could make sure to get front row and was like the second person in line so we where good there. Okay so basically we could have shown up 20 minutes before the show and still have got front row if not really close. There was literally less than 100 people at this show.... depressing!! Needless to say though we had an AWESOME TIME!! I dragged Ben along, later to find out that was his first non country concert. And Dani and Alex, and Rylie and his date Amber came so we had a pretty good group.

Waiting for the show to start!!
The first opening act was called Transmit Now and actually weren't to bad.

The second group, JANUS? JONUS? We're not really sure what their name was but none the less I dont think ANYONE was impressed with their stuff.

Entertaing outselves between sets!

Third act, The Veer Union. I actually dont mind a few of their songs, and honestly they are some of the nicest guys I have ever meet! Looks can be decieving, so don't judge a book by its cover! :)

BEST FRIENDS! Honestly, I think I've lost count on how many concert's we have gone to together!!

I just really liked this picture for some reason!

Nixon from Framing Hanley.
Kind of a cool action shot!
Nixon right above us. Yeah dont mind the fact that he was all sweaty and it dripped on my face...yuck!!!!

Overall it was a really fun night and great show!! Hopefully they'll come back soon!! :)

♥ love you kids!!!